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by Michelle Christides

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"Qi=mc2 -- Et Verbum Caro Factum Est -- And Conscious Energy was made Life"
28" X 36" or 70 X 90 cms.

Animal life can live only by eating other life forms. All animal life lives from other lives except humans who have achieved exemption from being eaten but not from starvation. Hunger is a crime against humanity. When the UN invited artists to submit original works to meet the 2015 Challenge to eliminate hunger, I was able to begin painting again, after a period of grief following the death from cancer of my last family member, because the themes for a sustainable way of life in harmony with the Earth recur in my painting. I used the following source photos because I am no Da Vinci and cannot paint from visual memory:

Starving Infant photo may be by David Turnley released to Getty images, as ascribed to the one above appearing in The Daily Mail on July 27, 2011, in a letter appealing for help by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, David Beckham. When threatened for sheer survival, nature puts reproduction into over-drive. In the cradle of humanity, the cruel death from hunger seizes infants by the throat. The fear in this new human being's eyes is our mirror of history: "Erat lux vera, quae inluminat omnem hominem, venientem in mundum. That was the true Light, which lights every human that comes into the world." John:1

"Virgin of the Rocks" by Da Vinci is used to depict the split in the western zeitgeist. Hand gestures, traditional in Renaissance art, like mudras, have sacred meaning. Mary's left hand shares the suffering of the famished infant, to alleviate it; the guardian angel points to Jesus' future -- and that of the West.

"Agriculture and Fishing" photo is used in the Renaissance religious painting tradition for the landscape background. Anachronism of sustainable agriculture is used to convey we have the means now to realize the ethos that derives from "et verbum carno factum est" which is translated to modern conceptual language in the title of this painting.

Sustainability and creativity are engendered by renouncing the "throw-away" wasteful ethos. Quoting from an article by Lori Zimmer with uncredited photo on: "Solar Wind Turbine-Bridge Repurposes Viaduct for Public Space" "Southern Italy is dotted with unused viaducts, and rather than spending $50 million to tear them down, town officials near Calabria held a competition called 'Solar Park South,' open to designers and engineers asking them to come up with an environmentally conscious way to re-use the existing structures. . . . the design team of Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino . . . proposed installing 26 wind turbines, which would produce 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year!"

Artist's Statement for painting

This painting has an esoteric title, "Qi = mc2," because humanity has a split in our world soul that manifests in every aspect of reality and crosses the boundary of failure to respond efficaciously to imminent danger, which is the principal mind-destruction of schizophrenia. In the first half of the last century, a world war spanning two generations taught the survivors the essential truth of all religion (from the Latin word) "to tie together" our actions with the qualitative uniqueness of life, and they crafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which formulates the principles of right governance.

Each generation seems to revert to our herd species' hierarchical genetic programming and forgets why we are here. Despite their subversion to power and privilege by institutions, all religions contain the secret process of how individuals become conscious when life brings us to our knees.

"Why poverty?" We know so much and are bombarded by distractions competing for our precious lifetime in order to take our money. Plugging into this world through the media can enslave us to our own acquisitive instinct or it can give us the means to learn the lessons of the real-world environment and how to find our work in the great mobilization to save our planet from our own addiction to a world monetary system of throw-away consumerism. The two world wars taught us how to organize an economic system to save our planet. This is the landscape of sustainable technology.

When Africans look at this painting from how poverty developed by the exploitation of "people of colour" the stark truth that "white is right" (language used for skin colours instead of for light from all colours and its absence, black) is revealed as religious hypocrisy. "Why not ask us how to do what we need?" Their governments are subverted by financial sophistry, even graft, to sell natural resources under pressure by debt, disease, famine and climate change, at the whim of market and transfer pricing of resources for tax evasion from the source country, and to claim title to millennia-old, food-sovereignty land rights in order to export agri-industry 'commodities' to the world at the expense of a way of life, precarious because of pressures ultimately due to over-population.

From the point of view of people who have joined the world monetary system, emerging from "human inhumanity to humans" in their own societies into a self-supporting mass population through technological productivity, Da Vinci's configuration shows Jesus' teaching of compassion in religious art history. For them, the African response is self-defeating cynicism to their mass demonstrations and benefit concerts to stop poverty, cancel debt, send advanced care for disease, establish fair trade, and help immediately with substantial food and tools. It is only a stubborn refusal and prevents the spread of technology that must occur for the carrying-power of the Earth to sustain the present population.

The Earth is throwing forth an immune response to our global civilization, the world monetary economy, and is forcing a choice, as stark as that during the World Wars, for the entire millennium. The exponentially increasing polarization of money is making a middle class of millionaire servants to the rich corporate houses and homogenizing poverty for the rest. One percent of one percent (one in 10,000 of earth's people) are billionaires who own half the total world money. Money-power makes government by the rich who grant politicians entry to their world of royal luxury in exchange for their own control of the distribution system of money from technology, which creates poverty. The choice is between planned-obsolescence consumerism to continue this polarization to its inevitable end, the same proportion of poverty everywhere that we see in Africa now, or a sustainable way of life in harmony with the web of life of mother Earth, the goddess of compassion. Mother Theresa understood this world monetary-system economics: "The greatest tragedy is to be of no value as a human being."

Normandie 70eme. "Where else but in the region devoted to the Archangel St. Michel would the power of evil be swept from Europe?" said the woman at the Tourist Office in Mortain, where the Battle of Normandie in the summer 1944, after the D-Day landing left the region in rubble and 23,000 civilians dead. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Mon petit Giverny. I visited Giverny in September 2012, just after finding my cottage in Normandie with a lotus pond and distance view toward Mont St. Michel. 28" X 36" or 70 X 90 cms.

Tea at the Pond 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms.

Michelle Christides
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