by Michelle Christides

copyright 2004, all rights reserved

Brain Fitness: Open Studio for Adult Neurogenesis and Jungian Dialogues in Creativity and Conscious Aging

World Soul Gallery and Limited Edition Giclées

Florida Panther and Roseate Spoonbill -- 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Herons Homing at Sunset This painting is inspired by a photo by A. Pasieka, Photo Researchers, of magnified crystals of estradiol, "a form of estrogen that carries signals between neurons," in Scientific American Mind, August-September 2006; by a National Wildlife, same months/year, back cover by Stephen G. Maka, "adult blue heron returning at sundown to its juvenile offspring at their nest," and by National Wildlife Federation calendar May 2007, photo by Theo Allofs of great egrets. The meaning of painting the estrogen crystals as the grassy environment of a bird family nest is my concept of healing art, as it may work on the unconscious mind of the viewer. 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

The Price of Oil -- Dedicated to the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. The oil-based economy is our addiction; and this entitlement we assume for our species against all others is represented by two oil executives in the White House. Where are the Woodward and Bernstein of this generation to investigate the voting machines? 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Polar Bears from an inspirational photograph by Howie Garber taken on the North Slope of Alaska, published in National Wildlife, Aug-Sep 2003. 30 X 52" or 75 X 130 cms.

Huckleberry and Lichen -- inspired by Michael Melford's photo on Mount Cadillac, in "Autumn in Acadia National Park," by John G. Mitchell , National Geographic, November 2005, p. 39. 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

Father and Son Fishing Till It Rains. On a plein air painting trip with Alberto Ortega, a great contemporary artist with whom I'm privileged to paint (as painters have always in Paris), I saw a father and son hurrying home before the rain, carrying their fishing gear. 27 X 23 " or 68 X 58 cms.

Lavender fields of Provence. 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Van Gogh en Provence. 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

Inspired by Van Gogh's "Field with Poppies" from the Kunsthalle, Bremen. I was stunned by the stupidity of my country's pressuring the newly fledged Afghan government of Mohammed Karzai to spray insecticide on the poppy fields of poor Afghan farmers -- located, naturally, next to their own fields for food. Instead of spending the money subsidizing the American chemical industry to produce toxic pollutants, we could give the money to treat American addicts and eliminate the demand for hard drugs in the United States. One of the most beautiful sights in nature is a field of poppies. What is wrong with people who want poppy seeds to be made into hard drugs? It will not change by eliminating poppies. They will -- and do -- make their drugs in their kitchens from over-the-counter cold medicines. And this drug, home-cooked methamphetamine, is viciously destructive to bodily health, which does not seem to stop Americans from becoming addicts. It seems to me that the karma -- the energy of Afghan farmers' suffering caused by our actions -- must electromagnetically redound upon us.

Dream of Corsica. 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

Master and Commander 16 X 24 " or 40 X 60 cms.

To Patrick O'Brien and his reader, Patrick Tull, with many thanks for reviving my British education in my maturity and providing great literature while I paint.

Poppies in Champagne 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

This painting is dedicated to Sallie Kate Park. While driving through NE France in June, 1996, we came upon an immense rolling field of poppies with a church touching the horizon from a hilltop.

Sacred Landscapes

Couples 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

"Yogini by Lotus Pond, Meditation on the Stars." 28" X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Boddhisaatva -- inspired by the painting in the first cave at Ajanta, India, 7th Century, Padmapani. 28" X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Baraka -- Blessing of Innocence -- inspired by one of Robb Kendrick's beautiful photographs in National Geographic, May 1994, "Rice, the Essential Harvest." A little girl in India receives thanks from an elephant whom she's given rice. I saw the film Baraka and painted this because there is a sequence in this film that shows baby chicks on an assembly line being sorted by sex, the males tossed down a funnel, the females having their wings clipped and being debeaked, then they are shown in cages where they have grown into hens to lay mass-produced eggs. I was also listening, while painting this, to the audio tape of the bookYellow Fever Black Goddess: the Coevolution of People and Plagues, by Christopher Wills. Applying Darwinian natural selection, the pathogens of certain disease bacilli are evolving so that as a scientist he infers their losing certain genetic abilities is making them more virulent, and he states, "hosts, disease organisms, and environments are all sick when an epidemic breaks out." Contagious disease comes from the way we live. I am painting this series to show people living in harmony with other life forms. 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

Gaia, Meditation on Elephants -- 28" X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

The Web that has no Weaver -- again, this is a vision that came to me while listening to Wills' Yellow Fever, Black Goddess; I saw that the imbalance and disharmony in our species has created what plagues us, especially in the first civilization to rise and fall, Africa. Life began there and all life flourishes in the tropics, As it is distorted by slavery, political and economic, so it commits atrocities for its own obsessive survival. Bacilli alter their genetic programming, even to their own detriment for short-term survival. People hunt elephants, large conscious beings, with extreme cruelty wasting their lives only for their tusks. We have made this Goddess tapestry of life a Hell -- and because we are interwoven, our cancerous obsession with economic growth in the "First World" is manifesting in an indescriminate plague here too. The good die young in Hell. Suffering begets suffering. This is my vision of how the ancient civilization of Africa would be now, if it had not lost its karmic balance when the descendants of those who settled the other continents returned to enslave the descendants of those who remained. 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

Les Gorges du Loup in the beautiful falls of Provence, where the Holy Grail legend to the Lost Goddess of the West was resurrected. 30 X 52" or 75 X 130 cms.

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