Portraits in Oils
by Michelle Christides
Portraits by Commission offer Collector-Quality Giclées in Limited Edition

copyright 2004, all rights reserved

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Portrait Commissions Conditions and Pricing

For my portrait of my mother as a young Signal Corps soldier in France during the First World War.

This is Jack Barbier, when he was President of Fellows Corporation in Springfield, VT, known as "Precision Valley" for the surrounding community of fine workmanship post-WWII. When I think of his generation of Americans, I think of this country at its height -- honesty, integrity, and a sense of service to community, like Jack Moran in the double portrait below. 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms.

In memory of Jean Mount, as I imagine her as a young woman. 14 X 18" or 35 X 45 cms.

This is dedicated to my friend since the University of Michigan, Ellen Rosser, a gift to her mother on her hundredth birthday, October 13, 2003. 24 X 32" or 60 X 75 cms.

This is Alice's portrait, placed before the altar at her funeral. 12 X 16" or 30 X 40 cms.

This is Ellen's son, Sean, as a young man about the time he was at Berkeley. 12 X 16" or 30 X 40 cms.

This is Alice's husband and Ellen's father, Sydney Payne Rosser. 12 X 16" or 30 X 40 cms.

Three Generations. 12 X 16" or 30 X 40 cms.

This painting is dedicated to Jack and Kathleen Moran. 24” X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.

Pir Vilayat Inahat Khan, Sufi Order of the West. This portrait is dedicated to Rabia Longworth, my spiritual teacher, the heart and soul of the Abode of the Message, New Lebanon, N Y. 32 X 32 " or 80 X 90 cms. Pir Vilayat died on June 17, 2004, please view this memorial to Pir Vilayat.

This is a self portrait, "Facing the Wind." I have the mid-point of Aquarius rising – defining “Post-Modernism” – and the wind is Globalization and Cultural Transformation. 12 X 16 " or 30 X 40 cms.

The Force of Character – Portraiture

We never see our own face but in the mirror of others or in the virtual reality of images. Portraiture expresses the imprint of the relationship between life and your character upon your face; as Abraham Lincoln said, “After forty, we are all responsible for our own faces.”

As a former Jungian psychotherapist in my home State of Massachusetts, I love to paint this imprint of character by putting together photographs of your face and body poses in characteristic expressions with a background especially meaningful to your life.

Michelle Christides

5214 Winchester Drive

Sarasota, FL 34234


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