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Global Culture Shock?


The multiplication of consumers by Information Communications (Media) Technology creates a New Aristocracy of celebrities and corporate executives with incomes hundreds of times those of the middle class, which in earning less than ten times the subsistence level cannot buy housing, education, healthcare and other goods not produced by "Third World" people abroad.

The economy at home shifts to luxury goods and services for the New Aristocracy, creating a servant class of gentility from the former Middle Class.

Outsourcing destroys production of middle-income goods and services creating a Third World at home.

Reliance on scarce energy resources creates scandalous fraud and unleashes greed.

Traditional careers and identities break down and people feel obsolete, distraught and depleted. Generations lose respect for what each has to offer the other.

The confusion of searching for meaning and values turns us away from learning how to think, to wanting to know only what to think to win.

Discernment is missing (and not even missed). Extremes separate us, creating tensions we cannot hold; common sense is uncommon.

At times, the old is thrown out as broken and the new is acclaimed; at others, the old is clung to and the new is threatening.

Compulsive behavior and addictions increase, reflecting the thirst and emptiness of our souls.

Consumerism and money become a totalitarian ideology. Our social values are based on marketing; alternative values don't make TV to define the meaning of our social reality. All is well as long as the news is broken every 12 minutes, so that we may live in the illusion commercials give us of safety from the environmental destruction of our way of life and of our inauthentic identities .

When we break down, we want "therapy" to be a quick fix -- not what it originally was: "to create and craft the soul to serve the Conscious Life-Force" -- from the Ancient Greek: psych-thera-peuein -- "soul creation/service to God/desse/s."



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