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"What is not integrated from the unconscious

casts itself outward as our fate."

C. G. Jung

One-to-One: by telephone or in person.
This is the Classic Jungian Transformation Process for Westerners.

These are a few descriptions by people who have worked with me both on the phone and in person:

"Thank you for being there for me! Yes, you have significantly saved a life form by keeping vigil with him during the 'dark night of the soul.' . . . I feel that your presence in my life is the universe's way of smiling at me. (every now and then I think it laughs at me to see the shenanigans i get into!) . . . Best of all, you restored my sense of humor.

This is why you have my complete trust . . . Your reply and clarity . . . is making deep sense. . . . Michelle, I just want you to know that the trick of the mind lies in the fog of illusion. . . . This is deep rooted stuff and has had me so asleep and identified with it that only now I feel a glimmer of what you already see. But it takes everything, . . . for me to hear it so unequivocally from someone I completely trust with my healing. You! I cannot tell you how grateful I am." A. B., Washington, DC

"I value your work in many ways. Amazingly, it even helped afterward, when my brother died unexpectedly. . . . I'm awed by your tremendous insight and am so very grateful [for] your generosity of spirit . . . I was in so much pain and could not find the door leading away from it. Thank you for placing my hand on the latch." P. W., Philadelphia, PA

"Your healing, wholeness, evolution, and transformation are in my consciousness at all times. . . . besides the turbulence, brinksmanship, and edginess in the larger world, in my job there is now an enormous burst of energy to utterly transform this organization and I am near the epicenter. . . .

"At the same time, our sessions in the fall continue to resonate within me. As you might expect, it is not so much the specific words or even images that transpired then, but, more the meanings behind and between them that have richness and impact for me. There is something extremely powerful about your intent in your work that transcends and penetrates any particular technique." S. B., Sarasota, FL

Michelle Christides

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Telephone consultations by appointment and PayPal payment, $70.00/hour. Sliding scale fee (at twice your hourly wage) is available by confidential arrangement with proof of income under $70,000 per year (by copying the page of your tax return with "annual gross income").

Weekly Workshops are two hours, are scheduled for ten sessions, and cost $200.00. Weekend workshops are five hours each day and cost half these prices. Sliding scale is available by confidential arrangement with proof of income: $50 from $20,000--30,000; $100 from $30,000--40,000; $150 from $40,000--50,000, for single income. Deduct $10,000 from annual income for each dependent.

Did you do the work you were born to do?

I was trained in my personal psychoanalysis with Frau Dr. Elisabeth Rf, who has written a letter of approval for me to practice the classic Jungian method. Dr. Rf was trained by Herr Dr. C. A. Meier, co-founder with C. G. Jung of the Zurich Institute (which I attended during the two years I was in analysis). I have also had Psychotherapists' training at the John Bradshaw Clinic for Co-dependence with Alcoholics and other Addicts (to money, food, and drugs), at the Psychosynthesis Institute in London, and at the Austen-Riggs Clinic in Stockbridge, MA (APA Division 39, Psychoanalysis).

Most important is my experience in business and in various professional positions. I had been raised in a multi-national community in Paris, when Globalization was just beginning in the decades after WWII. I experienced culture shock before people knew what it was, and I soon found myself on the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation pioneering the transformation of global culture. As we approach retirement, the generation in their middle years who are taking over the dominant economy and culture are worrying about our becoming a burden on Social Security. Instead, we can pioneer a new kind of aging that combines the technological advances in medicine to extend life with a culture that keeps us vigorously healthy.

Essential to health is to use our talent, abilities, and experience in work that brings our youthful vision for this Planet into our work. We are financially able to free ourselves from this centralized economy -- outsourcing is an opportunity for innovation of work at home. "Follow your bliss," as Jospeh Campbell said. Time is of the essence. If Humanity is to survive, we have to make a qualitative leap beyond "Survival of the Fittest" animal programming at this stage of human consciousness. Our life purpose is programmed by our genetic encoding as a Vision Quest to do the work we were born to do.

We are conscious of our genetic encoding in archetypal symbols. As we develop through our life span, each of the endocrine centers of consciousness, called "chakras" in the East, ignites a new identity-forming process in a sequence of seven stages. Blockage in any passage between stages creates psychological symptoms that communicate in archetypal language, which is also the language of dreams. We heal ourselves by understanding what the unconscious tells us is a prescribed remedy to fulfill the meaning, values, purpose, and creativity of our lifespan. This is the process of individuation, which Jungian analysis is all about.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung rediscovered the power of archetypes to heal the mind and called them "symbols of transformation," because they occur in a spontaneous process of healing in our development across the human lifespan. Jung actually found that the Alchemists had first discovered this process and described it as "turning lead into gold," because it began in the blackness of depression. The "gold" they referred to was a symbol for "Christ Consciousness" and was a key to the Western spiritual language of Christianity that had been forcibly repressed and driven underground by persecution as religious heresy. Ironcially, it was the misunderstanding of interpreting literally their effort to leave a message for future generations that gave birth to modern chemistry and laboratory Science.

Jung began his work as a psychiatrist at the Burgholzli Clinic of the University of Zurich which later, when he was in private practice, still referred their most difficult cases of schizophrenia to him. In his first book, Symbols of Transformation, he showed that a spontaneous process of healing of psychological trauma was taking place in many of the symptoms we recognize in various diagnoses of mental illness. They are related to language -- a language of symbols that the patients themselves had never been exposed to culturally but which existed in many cultures independently around the globe. Jung called them archetypes, and much of his subsequent work defines them in terms that can now be recognized (since he died before the modern discoveries of Genetics) as how we are actually conscious of our own genetic encoding. It appears to us as the language of symbols, especially in our dreams. Jung inspired one of his analysands to found Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps are based on this process of Alchemy, which the Jungian analysis of our individuation is also based on.

Before he died, Jung said he had failed in one most important aspect of his mission: to show Westerners that our civilization is spiritually bankrupt. When the development of Christianity was driven underground by persecution for heresy, the living source was cut off at the root. "Alchemy," Jung said, "is the missing link between early Western religions and modern psychology." In the distant origin of Western medicine, Hippocrates and the healing priesthood of the Asklepiades diagnosed illness by interpreting "the healing dream." The classic method of Jungian analytical psychology takes you through a process equivalent to Yoga in Eastern Civilization. The mentor for this transformation takes you through your personal dream symbols and life myths as they relate to your destiny as a citizen of Western Civilization.

Our society is in deep schizophrenic denial of our danger from the giant immune response of the Earth to our way of living, which is destroying her biosphere. One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is failure to respond to danger. We are failing to respond to the planetary healing crisis because of the split between what we know as Science and what we deny in the wisdom of civilization. Our own healing process must integrate the Shadow of our collective unconscious into our cultural consciousness to see the truth and take action -- in our personal lives, in the workplace, and in our communities -- to save the health of our planet. And this is the same as saving our own health because we grew from the body of this rare, fertile planet.

For this reason, in addition to my private practice in the classic method of Jungian individuation in Sarasota, FL, I do business consulting in web-training and design, for practitioners and businesses in environmental or alternative healing. I was trained in curriculum design for Distance Education and received a Certificate in Web Development and Design, while I was teaching for the Federal government's training branch, the USDA Graduate School in Washington, DC. I continue to teach at Senior or lifelong learning venues in Sarasota, FL, a course of my own design in "Globalization as Planetary Initiation: Global Culture Shock & Conscious Aging."


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