2008—2009 Paintings
by Michelle Christides

copyright 2004, all rights reserved

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Homeland Security -- inspired by the photo of Rina Swentzell, PhD by Brown Cannon III in "All the Things I've Seen," an article in the Parks issue on "Stewards of Sacred Land," National Park Foundation magazine number 3. 28" X 36" or 70 X 90 cms.

Méditation sur fleurs fanées -- Meditating on Faded Flowers. 28" X 36" or 70 X 90 cms.

Waiting to Go On -- Inspired by Rob Mattson's photograph of tryouts for "The Nutcracker" student ballet production by the Sarasota Dance Theatre, September 16, 2008, in Sarasota Herald Tribune. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

The Last Salute -- Inspired by Ed Pfueller's photograph of the grieving Hall family's Faith Church memorial for fallen Marine, Eric, March 13, 2008, Punta Gorda, FL in Sarasota Herald Tribune. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Pastel Peony -- a flower cultivated by Anderson and Seigl, Horticulture magazine, March/April, 2003. 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Etude, Leonardo -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Red Canyon with Green River -- 36" X 24" or 90 X 60 cms.

Model, 1940 in 2008 -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Jacaranda in May -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Pines -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Van Gogh, Etude, Les Irises -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

The Artist of the Galeries Lafayette -- Inspired by Eric Sander's photograph of an American artist, dressed in 19th-century fashion painting in the Louvre, accompanying a Smithsonian October 2002 article by Joseph A. Harris, "Master Class" on this public tradition since the royal palace became a museum after the French Revolution. I combined this photo with another of the 19th-century department store in Paris, decked out in 21st-Century branding and consumerist shiney plastic and glass, with the "I--O" of computer symbology, by Bob and Darlene Johnson in their article in February 2008 Style, "Beyond the Lights." 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Immigration Issues -- Inspired by Christopher Calais' photograph of a Somali Bantu family's "Coming to America," an article by Gregory Jaynes in January 2004 Smithsonian. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Cézanne, Etude, Table de Cuisine -- 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Padmapani, Bearer of the Lotus -- 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms. Inspired by the photograph by Benoy K. Behl in the January 2008 National Geographic "Faces of the Divine" by Tom O'Neill of the painting in the temple caves at Ajanta, Central India, hand-cut caves painted by Buddhist monks in the 5th Century.

It seemed to me that the monks, tired and hot after a day's work in deep and creative meditation, might not notice the Goddess had come alive and stepped down from the wall.

Michelle Christides
5214 Winchester Drive
Sarasota, FL 34234


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