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Weekly Dialogues require commitment and confidentiality from all participants. Groups will be formed whenever six people agree on a time to meet for any of the following list of topics. Please see contact and fee information at end of this page.

Brain Fitness: Global Culture Shock & Conscious Aging

The five-or-so generations alive today are living through a passage between two worlds. We see the change in the environment, we know the difference in our culture, we understand the clash between terrorism and globalization, but how do we take the opportunity and the risk to do what needs to be done -- as well as what we were born to do? The Baby Boom generation is pioneering a new form of retirement in which we create the work of our life purpose -- to address this 21st-century reality.

Globalization is the planetary initiation of our collective unconscious to a qualitative stage in evolutionary consciousness toward which we have been mutating since the brain acquired a neocortex. To make this leap to truly human values, we must integrate the meaning of Science in order to use both sides of our bicameral brain. This seminar is about the effects of global cultural change on self-actualizing people. In each of the three months of this seminar we start with the process of Jungian individuation, using archetypal myths and symbols to understand Western Civilization; then discuss Kundalini Yoga to understand the seven stages of ego development in the lifespan; and end with Buddhist mindfulness meditation and techniques from modern psychology to address Westerners' prolonged adaptive stress response to our times.

This seminar is offered through the Pierian Spring Academy, a Senior Learning venue for academic and intellectual excellence in Sarasota, FL, meeting from January through March each year. It is also offered at other venues by programming arrangement.

Dream Analysis Group: the Classic Jungian method for Individuation.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung rediscovered the key to Western spiritual language in the symbols of transformation of Alchemy. His work was recognized by the Burgholzli Clinic of the University of Zurich which referred their most difficult cases of schizophrenia to him. He was able to bring people through a process that the Alchemists had discovered but which began in the distant origin of Western medicine, when Hippocrates and the healing priesthood of the Asklepiades diagnosed illness by interpreting "the healing dream." The classic method of Jungian analytical psychology takes you through a process equivalent to Yoga in Eastern Civilization. The mentor for this transformation takes you through your personal dream symbols and life myths as they relate to your destiny as a citizen of Western Civilization.

Spiritual Autobiography & Journal Writing/Drawing
What is "the personality of the artist"? This workshop is for artists and writers to apply their personal mythology from family, work, and life experience to focus meaning, values, purpose, and direction onto their work by tracking the individuation process.

The Healing Power of Creativity: Loss, Grief, Failure
When we experience loss and grieve, the unconscious comes to the fore and consciousness recedes. As we turn our direction inside out, we first experience depression, but if we can understand the archetypal language of the soul, we discover the source of creativity is also regeneration.

World Soul Paintings and Giclée Gallery.

To the Western mind, the language of Science and the language of our spiritual tradition have become completely separated. To be separated from the soul is to be separated from your life force, watching yourself go through the motions of living. The language of our dreams is expressed in these symbols. The healing dream is the portal to your soul. As Jung said, the modern Westerner "is in search of the soul."

This workshop is for people who are experiencing a major transformation through a crisis in health, loss and grief, or even socio-economic failure, often at mid-life, and who understand that they are deeply into the process of integrating the shadow.

Beyond Recovery: redeeming the addicting civilization
Jung told the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous he could do nothing more for him until he gave up the use of alcohol as a means to quench his spiritual thirst in a society that has nothing else to quench it. He advised him to join with others and follow the tradition persecuted in the West that was heresy to Christian dogma and driven under-ground by the Inquisition -- Alchemy. The 12 Steps are based on the process of Alchemy to attain Christ consciousness by "turning lead into gold."

This workshop is for people who have worked the Twelve Steps and are looking for purpose beyond recovery from addiction or codependence -- even with their AA community.

Michelle Christides has a B.A. in Economics and M.A. in European Studies (Comparative Literature and Social Sciences) from the University of Michigan; she completed her doctoral course work at the University of California, Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies and taught seven semesters at Golden Gate and California State Sonoma Universities before leaving academia. During the 1980s, she conducted an import business from France (where she was raised in a U.S. diplomatic family) that transformed into Culture Shock consulting. Subsequently, she attended the C.G. Jung Institute—Zurich two years and completed her personal analysis before volunteering for hazardous duty in Croatia and Bosnia the first winter of the war, 1992--3. She received intensive disaster relief training from UNHCR in Geneva to coordinate a team of 21 specialists deployed there. She returned to the U.S. to conduct a private practice mentoring and consulting in adaptive stress to trends in Globalization.


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    Weekly Workshops are two hours, are scheduled for ten sessions, and cost $200.00. Weekend workshops are five hours each day and cost half these prices. Sliding scale is available by confidential arrangement with proof of income: $50 from $20,000--30,000; $100 from $30,000--40,000; $150 from $40,000--50,000, for single income. Deduct $10,000 from annual income for each dependent.