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Global Culture Shock

Psychanalyse de C. G. Jung en français: Je suis bilingue en français et en anglais, ayant étée élèvée en France d'une famille diplomatique américaine jusqu'à ma rentrée à l'université aux Etats Unis.


I am a writer on globalization and the Jungian psychology of our collective planetary change. I have worked in cross-cultural communication and video production in Europe and the United States since the inception of my career and am now teaching Globalization in various senior learning venues, such as the Pierian Spring Academy in Sarasota, FL. I was trained in Distance Education as a faculty member of the USDA Graduate School in Washington, DC, "the Federal Government's trainer," where I also received a Certificate in Web Design. I am an economic psychoanalyst and former international small-business entrepreneur. I develop web-content structure and innovative programs for people and businesses who are healing the planet.

I also present and counsel on culture shock to transnational personnel and their families, having been raised in France in an American diplomatic family until I returned to the USA to attend university. I present the big picture from our global cultural change -- the I. T. shift and its economic and psychological impact on social policy, culture, and environment.


I have worked for the UN, NIH, and many small businesses, as a consultant. The first four years of my career, I was Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies and at Golden Gate University, where I also taught Journalism and was Faculty Editor of the newspaper, 2 years.

I studied International Economics and European Studies six years at the University of Michigan, where I received my B.A. and M.A. and four years at the University of California, Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies, including Economics, Literature, Intellectual History, and Psycho-social Correlates of Medicine. From UC San Diego, I have the Professional Certificate in Advanced Mental Health Training.

I engaged in my personal psychoanalysis while attending the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, two years, and received a letter of approval to practice Jungian analytical psychology from my analyst, Dr. Elisabeth Rüf. My other professional preparation consists of Psychotherapists' Training seminars at the John Bradshaw Clinic in LA, the Psychosynthesis Institute, London, and A.P.A. Division 39--Psychoanalysis at Amherst and Austen Riggs, in Massachusetts. I also completed a one-year certificate program at the British Institute of Medical Herbalism, as I believe healers must know nutrition because it is fundamental to health -- spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.


I have my private practice in the classic method of Jungian individuation in Sarasota, Florida.



"We were immensely impressed with Michelle's imaginative ease as she moved back and forth between the sciences and humanities. [She] makes stunning connections between classical material (science/literature), modern political theory, and contemporary psychological climate."

Anthony Mountain, Professor & former Provost,
Hutchins School of Liberal Studies,
California State University, Sonoma




Michelle Christides,

in Sarasota, Florida 

Michelle Christides, Jungian Mentor and Globalization Consultant