You will find the link to the Key for the Healing Dream Symbols Test on this page at the end of the test. Like a good movie, you don't want to know the end until you've seen it. Don't tell your friends until after they have done the test, too!


Jungian Archetypes

Here is a test you can take to understand how the unconscious reveals itself to you through displacement, association or dissociation, projection, rationalization, and often, denial.
The "unconscious" is actually the whole field of cognition of our neurological programming and our entire life's experience stored in our body. It is like everything that is on the hard drive of our computer, while the programs we are running in RAM are our conscious mind, or to put it into another symbol, the video tape running between our two ears. The program language of the neuro-net of our body is written in the unconscious in symbolic language called "archetypes," and the content of our experience throughout life (the programs we install and the data we enter) is stored and manipulated through our individual "operating system."
This test will show you a little of how you operate, if you enter as much as you can think of in your answers. Keep asking yourself, "what else," until you have no more associations and can think of nothing else to write.
What is your favorite wild animal?
Monkey Tiger Lion Elephant Other
Habitat: land:      Habitat: sea: Habitat: air:
What is your favorite domestic animal?
What is your favorite tree?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite body of water?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite food? Describe why.
Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.
Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.


Now turn to the next link to find out the personal symbolic language of your unconscious. Key to Healing Dream Archetypes Test