2010 & 2011 Paintings
by Michelle Christides

copyright 2004, all rights reserved

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A la Gare St. Lazare, Monet passe en 2010. -- inspired by a photo by Michael Kamber for The New York Times, April 18, 2010, as travelers packed train stations when volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull's eruption in Iceland grounded planes over Northern Europe. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Breaking the Surface -- swordfish inspired by a photo by Paul Nicklen, in the National Geographic, September 2008 issue, page 71, and the backwash splash by photo of two waves colliding by Clark Little, National Geographic, June 2010 issue, page 14. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

The Foal -- inspired by a photo by Melissa Farlow, in the Smithsonian, March 2010 issue, pages 70--71. 24" X 36" or 60 X 90 cms.

Eyjafjallajokull Kindness on his face explains the horses' trust in the man saving them from the volcano. The pregnant mare seemed to step out joyfully and the younger horse to follow with relief. 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms.

Sophia and Kindness When I saw the face of Annalena Tonelli, who was shot when leaving a hospital where she was working to save tuberculosis patients in Boorama, Somalia, I saw kindness. The picture behind her is the mosaic from Agia Sophia, Constantinople. 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

La Belle Vieille Dormante inspired by the photo by Maggie Stebbin in National Geographic article, "Sleep," January 2010. 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms.

Mennonites sur l'herbe -- inspired by a photo from Rebecca Wild Baxter, in the Pelican Press, Vol. 40, issue 31, page 1, February 18, 2010, taken in Sarasota, Florida. 28" X 36" or 70 X 90 cms.

Whirlpool -- 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms. Lotus -- 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms.

Hummingbird 20" X 16" or 50 X 40 cms.

Farmers at Market, Peru. 16" X 20" or 40 X 50 cms.

Michelle Christides
5214 Winchester Drive
Sarasota, FL 34234


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